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Default Re: Assassin's Creed IV

Originally Posted by dude love View Post
It was strolling around Montergionni that got me wanting modern day stuff. Then Ezio's amazing speech to Desmond in Revaltions. When AC3 rolled around, what shat me was how half arsed all that was. Invading Abstergo to finally kill Vidic should've been the final level, that's what the franchise was building to, instead that level was easier and quicker than that crap Charles Lee foot chase.
The pre-AC3 games intimately linked the past and present. While you were Altair or Ezio, there were clues that you looked for/discovered that only had meaning to Desmond in the 21st century, and you had all the puzzles that unveiled the history of the Assassins and Templars. In AC3, there's none of that, so it feels like two completely different storylines. There's Connor and Haytham; and then....oh yeah, Desmond's still wandering around the 21st century, right? And the latter was nothing but straightforward walkthrough missions, instead of anything mysterious or occult or fascinating. There weren't any mental challenges/puzzles in AC3, just regular gaming.


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