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Default Batman: The Brave & The Bold Thread

I found it odd we didn't have a thread for this, as I found the show referenced in a few discussions lately.

Originally, I did not care for this show, without even watching it. The idea of a Silver Age Batman, that makes references to the old camp days??? NO THANKS! Then I finally watched it and saw all the characters they had, the amount of Silver Age and other comic book references to pull of from, some great talented voice actors and most of all the show was a blast to watch. First ep. I finally sat through was Deep Cover for Batman. I saw they had Owl-Man and a alternate Earth, I was hooked. Then an appearance of Joker, with a Jokermobile and Owlman comes to our Earth wearing the golden age Batman costume
I was very inconsistent in watching the original run as I watched the Bat-Mite episodes and loved those and of course Chill of the Night - AMAZING! Finally, it was on Netflix and watched it all. Now I think I may have to buy the series since it's no longer up on Netflix and two months ago I wanted to watch it again.

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