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Default Re: Updated Rating for The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by The Eradicator View Post
I have been going back and forth on it, but ever since I saw it on DVD, I've settled on 7/10, with BB and TDK both 9/10. It's a good film, but it will perpetually be haunted by the specter of "what if?". The potential was there, it just wasn't used properly.
Originally Posted by Figs View Post
While I personally love TDKR there is without a doubt that feeling of slight dread knowing we'll never know exactly how they originally envisioned a third film to go. After Heath passed in January 2008 you know whatever minor ideas for another sequel that were in the back of their heads had to be changed or put to rest in respect to potentially recasting Heath. I remember in a Rolling Stone magazine interview Chris Nolan mentioned when asked about it that if Heath were alive we'd have a different third movie. It sucks knowing we'll never get that movie, but it's not a creative issue it's an unfortunate thing a man prematurely lost his life and as a result plans were changed.

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