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Default Re: Updated Rating for The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by Judge Culpepper View Post
Everything. Bruce believing that Rachel wanted to stay with him is all what made Bruce quit as Batman. If Bruce had read the letter before, who knows what would have changed. But Bruce doesn't seem to even care.
But that's not everything, though. Bruce Wayne quit as Batman because of the Dent Act, as mentioned in TDKR. He decided not to move on as Bruce Wayne because the woman he was going to spend his life with couldn't and so he figured he shouldn't either. Knowing Rachel was going to move on with Harvey only helped Bruce in the long run, but nothing had to be said or mentioned anymore.

How could we have had enough of something that was merely proposed in TDK? Those character lying in TDK was the tip of the iceberg as to the possible consequences of it. According to the movies themselves, literally, everything Batman and Gordon achieved would be destroyed if truth would emerge.

And as you say, Gordon was a war hero and Batman got a statue instead.
We had enough simply because there were obviously bigger things to deal with in the third film itself. And besides, what more could have been done after the siege is over? The Dent lie wasn't going to be hammer down to the viewer when Gordon was dealing with the bomb, so then you had just ten minutes left...what more could have been been shown in those last ten minutes of the film?

I have to see the scene again. I didn't believe Bruce would only react calmly at that after all the decisions he had made based on a lie.

I think I interpreted Bruce's words as "You expect to come and do something to destroy my world so I stop being Batman." As in 'are you saying this just to make me stop???' But that doesn't necessarily mean he believes it.

The quiet sadness could have been about her death alone.

As I said, I have to see the scene again.
Joker is saying it verbatim I believe.

He said "You're sorry. You expect to destroy my world and then think that we're going to shake hands?".
Bruce acknowledges that Alfred isn't lying.

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