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Default What to get to play BDs on PC: VLC doesn't work, PowerDVD didn't help

Since I bought my BD player (external), I got Cyberlink PowerDVD 10 with it (didn't buy it, so it was probably suggested) and that stayed with me until I noticed later on that it wouldn't play and said it didn't work after I paused a movie for more than 10 minutes. Then an update came, and it uninstalled PowerDVD in the process. I tried getting a free trial of PowerDVD 12 but nothing happened when I tried to play it, so its uninstalled too. And I wanted to see if VLC could do it, and found instructions, but...well, nothing.

I need a new player to dl so I can play BDs. It has to be good (to the point where if any problems surface, it's easy to fix), and be free to dl. If its a free trial, then it has to be something that I can still use very well even after the trial expires.

I've heard Arcsoft, even WinDVD; how bout it, guys: what should I get?

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