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Default Re: The Official Cell Phone Junkies Thread - Part 1

I wanted to get a tablet so I went to the Verizon store to check them out. My decision was between the Note 10.1 and Tab 2 10.1 (7" versions just seemed to small). I went with the Note 10.1 because I felt that the S-Pen made it more than just a bigger smartphone (with no data option).

I also was looking at phones. The Windows ones are kinda nice but I don't want to switch. Plus using IE? Ugh, I wish I could purge it from my computer. But I looked at the Razr M and I loved it. The small size was great, the screen was vibrant, loved Jelly Bean on it. The only issue I had was the buttons, I like that they're on-screen but I'm used to Menu-Home-Back-Search whereas this setup was Back-Home-Recent Apps. Of course I assume that can be changed, especially after rooting. But yeah, I love it and must have it.

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