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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - - Part 12

Originally Posted by Steyin View Post
T2 had the same thing happen as T1: his arm gets detached and left behind, thus the delay in JD. History is doomed to repeat itself.
Was it obvious though (I realize you are being facetious but still)? I thought Arnie jumped into the lava and took all his parts with him, or was his arm laying around? The arm wouldn't tell them the whole story, as the processor was definitely still in Arnie's skull. Hell, that would have just been too convenient and ironic and Cameron would be blasted for such a plot device to this day had that been the case.

Originally Posted by GuestStar2004 View Post
Singer did say there would be changes made because that's comes with the territory of time travel

I can't see them going that route of wolverine goes back in time then they decide hey lets just let the future play out naturally even if its filled with sentinels,then wolverine returns and everything is the same with a hint of change
That's what I believe is VERY likely. Unintended changes, like Xavier becoming the man he becomes in the OT. Letting a chain of events in line with the OT play out. Then dealing with the Sentinels in the future. So what does change really? Well, besides the inconsistencies of the orignal and new timeline post 1973 (notably Wolverine not interacting with Xavier/Magneto in the original timeline until X-1), probably not much. But you can implicitly show that Xavier/Magneto better prepare themselves mentally in dealing with the future.

Does this go as far as Magneto not being the terrorist he is in the OT? Or does Xavier train the X-Men differently? These changes in mentality of the two could completely alter the events of the OT. For example, why would Magneto go through what he attempted to do in X2 if it galvanized the anti-mutant responses from the government (indirectly leading to advanced Sentinels)? That changes everything. I think Singer could implicitly make these changes and let the audiences speculate, or Singer can spell it out for us and feature Scott/Jean in cameos at the end where everyone is happy.

What I expect is an ambiguous ending where we are left wondering if a timeline virtually identical to the OT timeline (and apocalyptic future) really does happen, or if everything changes. I believe Lensher will have an opportunity to kill Trask, but he won't take it. The Sentinels may or may not happen, based on what Trask thinks is best. And the OT will remain in cannon, despite the inconsistencies.

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