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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - - Part 12

Originally Posted by SuperT View Post
But there were effects - because of Kitty's actions they broke the timeline in two.

The problem with actions in the past directly changing things in the future timeline is that if the movie is going to bounce back and forth between past and future scenes, they HAVE to show those changes.

If those are the rules they are setting, whenever Wolvie or any other character makes a significant change in the past - when we bounce to the future scenes, they are going to have to show how that change has affected the future every single time. If not - it makes absolutely no sense.

The way they handle this element will be tricky and could really make or break the film if it doesn't make sense or stay consistent.
I had a pretty big discussion about this. Technically, once the past put a kink in the timeline, it should immediately change the future as it happens. At least, that's how it would play out if the concept was possible. For the sake of the movie, though, I don't think we're going to get any changes made in the future until the storyline in 1973 is completed. So I feel like we'll get this apocalyptic, Sentinel-laden future for the whole film until the very end, even though that's not really how it would work. But it'd be far more dramatic and far less confusing compared to a future that's changing constantly around them.

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