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Default Re: Finally a Hulk Franchise?

From Hero Complex:
‘Avengers’ soar, ‘Harry Potter’ box-office magic now a card trick
Mission accomplished. Marvel is about to start shooting “Iron Man 3,” while “Thor 2″ is ramping and Feige seems reengaged with director Edgar Wright’s “Ant-Man” project. For the moment, though, everyone in the Marvel universe can sit back and bask in the glow of cosmic windfall — and ousted Walt Disney Studios chief Rich Ross can wonder why he got all the blame for “John Carter’s” interstellar crash but not one huzzah for the “Avengers” conquest. (Wait, was that Ross in the credits laughing about love and death?)

On Sunday, a spokesman for Feige said that the executive was going ”to lie low” and soak it all in, which made me think of Uatu standing passively on some lunar ridgeline watching the box-office reports from Earth.

There’s plenty for Feige to fret about, too: Can he actually hold this cast together after this film crosses the billion-dollar mark and all their agents reach for calculators and their cellphones?

On a more positive note, can the new crowd-pleasing version of the Hulk turn Marvel’s second-most famous character into a decent solo franchise? Is the Winter Soldier the ideal storyline for a Captain America sequel? Will director Whedon stick around long-term or will something like that Wonder Woman movie he wanted make tempt him toward other star systems? Time will tell, and plenty of people will be keeping track like an amateur Uatus. Yes, after ”The Avengers,” the whole world is watching.

– Geoff Boucher

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