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Default Re: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman XXXIII

Originally Posted by theLegend View Post
The delivery of "Hey ... When a girl's desperate"
Yeah, the delivery of the line and that smile.

Originally Posted by Cunning Stunts View Post
Or... Were Selene and Jen getting lucky before Selena and Bruce even got together?!
In my version they did.

I like the way she rides off in the batpod during the end segment when Batman lends it to her. In the novelisation it plays up to the angle of will she help out or has she just driven off with internal dialogue. "Giving up on her at last, he turned and vanished into the night." Also - "She raced across town, trying to outrun the doubts Batman had planted in her brain. The icy wind rushing past her face, and the speed and power with which the cycle handled, did little to soothe her turbulent thoughts. The roar of the engines failed to drown out the voices arguing at the back of her mind. How dare he put her on the spot like that? Who did he think he was? Who did she think she was?"

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