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Default Re: Ben Kingsley is The Mandarin!

Originally Posted by 2bornot2b View Post
Are you guys ready for some spoilers? I happen to have some inside knowledge and I would not have released this info just yet if you guys were close to guessing certain things in the movie's plot, but I'm not seeing anyone here who's even come close to answering some of the movie's most mind-boggling scenes. So here we go:


1) The Mandarins AVENGERS Tattoo explained: Remember the end of the avengers when people were getting their faces painted and getting tattos all over the world? How come nobody ever though about that? jezus, its not that hard to fiqure out. He got it so he could act like he's a fan of the avengers as a disguise to get close to tony. Being one the the films most comedic acts done by kingsley, Happy Hogan gets tricked to thinking he's just a fan that really wanted to meet tony just so he could infiltrate his house and plant some tech into his suit. DUH! BOOM Major spoiler! This will also explain alot of the other spoilers i'm about to give you.

2) The Mandarins Rings: They're actually enhanced technical remote devices that have a more advanced version of the extremis virus made specifically for him by Aldrich Killian who was working for him all along. Aldrich Killian was selling tech to the terrorists in the way Tony never wanted to do in the First movie. AGAIN, really? really? You guys couldn't even figure that out?
The rings allow the mandarin to control sophisticated equipment using his rings in conjunction with the extremis virus, including tony's suit that was sabotaged and thus tossed tony around like a rag-doll , thats why he looked so beat up.

3) Tony makes a compilation suit out of all his last armors in a way to technically confuse the Mandarins rings so that he couldn't access and control any-one-part of his suit since tony mixed them up so randomly, giving him the advantage to beat the mandarin WHILE attacking his minions with an army of 40 other suits all controlled by a newly hacked and modified version of extremis virus that Maya Hansen fixed inside tony's body. (yes, she turned on killian after she found out he was working for terrorists, plus had feelings for tony) This of course was after the events of Iron Mans defeat by the Mandarin earlier in the movie. BOOM another spoiler.

4) Pepper Pots "kinda" becomes the rescue, only because while the big last fight takes place, tony uses his mind to telepathically summon pieces of one the the 40 armors to her body while she was being held captive by Aldrich killian. She then break lose with the armor and kicks killians ass.

Thats all for now....just can't figure why no one's figured this stuff out yet..
WE GET IT... Damn dude

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