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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - Part 11

It could be a movie to appeal to a huge audience but we all know the X-films are darker than the avengers, and right now it doesnt have the same influence as say the films up to the avengers or up to DKR. I know the nolan films had a dark tone and still attracted audience but batman is a completely different character to the X-Men and I just don't think the GA are that in touch with X-men anymore, it would cost a lot more than $4mil to get not only the superbowl but then a big enough campaign to advertise it coming off the past x-films, which in relation to the other cbm's have not performed as well as we would like. I would rather them spend that $4mil on a well thought out campaign than a superbowl spot alone, dont forget that the superbowl is just USA and out of all the franchises the X-Men are a worldwide pull.

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