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Originally Posted by MarvelKnight View Post
I smell a hint of MoE lurching about...
Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
The odds of the Masters of Evil being the villains of Avengers 2 just skyrocketed. There is no way Crossbones is appearing without his master, whoever that is. . . and if either Red Skull or Zemo is appearing, its almost certainly to lead a team of supervillains out for revenge.
that's what i am thinking, as like thanos minions

Originally Posted by marvel_freshman View Post
Okay, so the radio host guy Matthew Aaron apparently upset Marvel when he said that Frank Grillo will be in other Cap movies and The Avengers sequel. After tweeting the following, he said on his radio show sadly that he was sorry to Marvel and his ("hopefully still") friend Frank Grillo.
Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Mebbe, but Crossbones doesn't strike me as a string-puller. He's muscle, plain and simple.

Yeah, Crossbones showing up for TA2 didn't make much sense. Even from the MoE angle....everybody seems to be envisioning the MoE the same way they're envisioning the Avengers, as just an "all-star" team that'll recruit anybody and everybody with super powers. Truth of the matter is that the MoE has been very selective over the decades, and its roster contains a whole ****load of minor/forgotten villains that even die-hard comic book geeks wouldn't recognize.
Yeah. Idk though, I mean, maybe he still will appear? He didn't wxactly say he WONT appear in it. *shrugs*

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