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Default Re: Rank the Bat-Films.....

1 - The Dark Knight/Batman Begins
2 - The Dark Knight Rises
3 - Mask of the Phantasm
4 - Batman Returns
5 - Batman (1989)
6 - Chase Me
7 - Under the Red Hood
8 - Return of the Joker
9 - Year One
10 - The Dark Knight Returns
11 - Gotham Knight
12 - SubZero
13 - Batman Forever
14 - Batman & Robin

Fingers crossed for The Long Halloween and The Killing Joke winding up as animated films soon. I'm sure they'll be high on the list. Wouldn't mind Court/City of Owls, Haunted Knight, or Hush/Heart of Hush either.

In regard to #1, it's tough for me to play favorites between BB and TDK, they both have equal pros and cons. Something is missing from each of them that the other completes.

So in the end I always wind up tying them. I suppose it depends on what kind of movie I'm feeling in the moment, but they both capture different approaches to Batman extremely well.

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