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Default Re: Justice League: News and Speculation - Part 2

Originally Posted by TheIrishAvenger View Post
Full article to what Dragon posted.
Here's what I can see, them getting someone in like Goyer to write a new script that is more grounded like the MOS movie. Hopefully this doesn't mean they want to include John Blake as Batman though. Also can see them maybe cutting Green Lantern out altogether (but hopefully not) because if the failureif the GL movie.

But I'm hoping they postpone and just concentrate on a MOS trilogy and maybe taking on the Flash and Wonder Woman in their own solo films.

JL is really the new Superman at WBs they just can't get this movie going and we all know how long it took them to bring Superman back to the big screen. David Goyer needs tone brought in as the guy to get a DC universe on film going cause whoever s calling the shots now is clueless.

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