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Default Re: Justice League: News and Speculation - Part 2

This could be great news. I wonder if the core 5 lineup still sticks? I'm guessing that since Will Beall stated his Green Lantern was indeed Hal Jordan, that now anything can happen. We could be getting John Stewart for all we know.

I would continue with the core 5 idea. Without Aquaman, Hawkman or Martian Manhunter (only a cameo with MM and a hint to Aquaman). But if they're scrapping the whole cosmic/darkseid **** then perhaps they'll want something more grounded once MOS comes out.

I also have a feeling that they've been giving this script to every director there is, as well as big actors (JGL probs) and they're all turning it down....WB must be thinking "yeaaaah Gangster Squad didnt do well, and nobodys likes this script...i guess it's just a piece of trash and we have to move on".

I just hope this means they dont delay the Bat reboot tooooo long.

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