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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Drizzle View Post
- They could have shown Zartan's actual face more often.
Pryce playing Zartan playing the President is the best thing about the movie, I could have used more of him.

- Exactly how much time is supposed to have passed between films? You'd think that it would have been a couple of years, but in the scene where Lady Jaye is comparing the two Presidents, she says that the President's been acting differently "since August", and since Zartan assumed the identity of the President at the end of the first film, this would imply that no more than a few months to a year has passed. So you mean to tell me that Duke becomes leader of the Joes mere months after joining them? Huh?
I think he was just promoted to be the leader of the Alpha Squad, not the whole organization.

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