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Originally Posted by Drizzle View Post
No explanation whatsoever about what happened to the rest of the Joes from the first one besides Duke and Snake Eyes. I guess we can assume they're all dead? For the record, the only one I would have wanted to come back was Scarlett.
I think the reasons for this was obvious:

One, the movie is trying to remain accessible to new audience; recognising and operating on the belief that lots of people either didn't watch the first one or didn't like it enough to remember all the details. As such, all the unnecessary fat was trimmed off. Note that although neither the Baroness nor Destro played a role in the movie, the latter was still mentioned and shown because it would have been weird to have shown the rescue of Cobra Commander without Destro being present alongside since the two were imprisoned in the same place when last seen.

Second, the creators didn't want to commit themselves unnecessarily. Should the sequel be successful and a third be made (which from the sounds of things looks like to be happening), they wanted to leave the door open for the old characters to come back should the creators want them - and the actors willing to reprise their roles. Duke was present to provide continuity and to legitimise Retaliation as a sequel to Rise of Cobra.

Originally Posted by Drizzle View Post
"Destro, you're out of the band." Why? Did Cobra Commander consider Destro a threat? Or did he just have no use for him? Either way, I'd like to see Destro come back in the third one.
Well, in this universe, Cobra Commander treated Destro more as a tool and pawn than an ally or friend. Now that Destro no longer has the resources of MARS at his disposal, he is no longer of use to the Commander.

Originally Posted by Drizzle View Post
RZA, we get it. You like Asian culture. That's cool. But your accent was ridiculous in this.
Yeah. That was weird and stuck out like a sore thumb.

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