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Default Re: Discussion of an Infinity Gauntlet story

Originally Posted by Mightyally View Post
Absolutely! Speculation is always welcome, it´s one of the best things with this forum imo!

It´s not that he doesn´t think you have the right to do it. It´s just that he a very realistic person that doesn´t hold back on his opinions. And when theories are based on lore and possible connections (connections you see becuse you want to see them) instead of more logical patterns that follows realistic events that has occured, he tends to point that out in his own way.

I never thought of that, the scepter is on earth and not in Asgard? I still have hard time seeing Ultron making contact with Thanos/the enchantress. How would they meet? Do you suggest Thanos/his underligns is in some way behind Ultron going crazy?
Well the last time we saw the scepter was in Romanoff's hands. And not in Thor or Loki's when they returned to Asgard.

As far as Thanos/Enchantress, that would be up to writers to decide. I mean, if they were actually going to do it, it's just a matter of making it logical and crowd-pleasing. Having them all be Asgardian in origin kinda fits because we saw the gauntlet in Thor. But in many ways it doesn't fit because how did they leave Odin's treasure vault?

Anyway, it leaves the rest of the gems up for speculation too. Which I enjoy doing. I know when this conversation came up elsewhere a few posters mentioned just having a few be seen in other movies (in this case Mind/Power) and then have the rest already in Thanos' possession. Which I guess would be alright.

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