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Default Re: Discussion of an Infinity Gauntlet story

Originally Posted by Mightyally View Post
Absolutely! Speculation is always welcome, it´s one of the best things with this forum imo!
You guys aren't even speculating anymore. It's crossed over into fan-fiction. It's dominating every thread right now.

I mean stuff like Ultron have one of the gems because its color matches his?

And again with your scepter theory. If he even had the mind gem (which he didn't), why would Thanos give a piece of his prized Infinity Gauntlet over to Loki? Something as important to his quest as the mind gem would never be handed over to someone clearly beneath him.

Again, there's logical speculation as dictated to us by things that have transpired within the MCU and then there's just fanboys imaginations running wild.

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