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Default Re: everything wrong with it vs honest trailers vs how it should have ended

I was subscribed to all three at one point, but got rid of Everything Wrong With because they get kind of crass. For example in the video they did for Edge of Tomorrow, the narrator made a remark about how Emily Blunt "isn't in my bed right now" or something to that effect (I don't think that was the exact line, but you catch my drift). It's a common theme in a lot of their videos -yes, we get it, the female lead is attractive, you don't have to be a 12 year old about it.

Honest Trailers and HISHE are still a lot of fun though, especially the latter. I also really like the cafe scenes they do, and The Villain Pub series. Honest Trailers did an excellent video for The Lego Movie in which the animation was done in a similar style to the film which was very clever.


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