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Default Re: All Things Superman and Batman: An Open Discussion

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
I dunno guys...the press release made it pretty damn clear that this movie is mostly about the two of them facing off as enemies. If they don't deliver on that front that you're letting down the people who are actually hyped for that. I don't want Batman to just beat the crap out of Superman, but I do want an epic struggle between the two. If it's just a little skirmish ala Thor and Iron Man in Avengers, and then they become best buds I will call BS.

There's an element of this that feels very lose/lose.
Yeah me too. What's really scaring me about this film so far is that nobody official has really mentioned anything about Lex Luthor. I'm afraid Luthor may not be in the movie and that Bruce Wayne would end up taking his place.

Originally Posted by Spider-Aziz View Post
I don't want Frank Miller writing or consulting for any character, not even DareDevil

Originally Posted by Lencho01 View Post
Would've been nice if they had went to Waid and/or Morrison for MOS...
Morrison and Waid would've been good for MOS. Highly doubt Waid would even look at Snyder now after watching MOS, Morrison's ideas for how the sequel SHOULD go are far better.

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
I HIGHLY doubt the film will play upon Superman being a government lapdog.

"I'm here to help...but it has to be on my terms." Remember?

However, the fact that he calls himself an American may factor into how the world reacts to him. Goyer has alluded to his.
Unless the story is that after what happened in Metropolis, Superman tried to do things his own way for a while as he told Swanwick, then the people kept hating him and then he decided to become a government puppet to improve his image. From all this, Batman becomes the hero of a Superman movie and the 12 year old BatFans get what they want.

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
Going to Frank for help on Superman is almost like going to Richard Lester and the Salkinds for help on how to portray Superman, or even Burton for that matter.

Unless, like someone mentioned earlier, time travel is involved where we see a dystopian future like the one in TDKR (which I doubt since that would be ripping off Days of Future Past in a way) which needs to be changed, then Miller isn’t the guy that should be allowed anywhere near this project.

Snyder and Goyer are definitely not making this an easy process to wait for the upcoming film down these next two years, from the announcement that Batman was going to be in this film by using the TDKR quote and now this. What’s next?

The time travel plot seems cool and might set up things to come. I doubt Snyder's going that route though. Too far-fetched in a supposedly realistic world.

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