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Default Re: All Things Superman and Batman: An Open Discussion

Originally Posted by BenReilly View Post
The quote's legit. Are you familiar with the site or it's webmaster? It's the biggest and most credible Superman site online. They wouldn't fabricate a quote like that.
Maybe the source made it up. Could be an annoyed Superman fan. The statement just seems like an incredibly strange thing to say at this point. If it's too early to discuss the film, then it's too early to imply that this person's concerns are legitimate by saying "regardless of how I feel." It comes across as a negative statement, and not one that someone so involved in the process would make before the movie is released or even really underway in production. The studio would not take kindly at all to something like that. And based on the official statements Snyder has made both in the press release and in person in front of hundreds of fans, he seems genuinely excited by the prospect of what he's doing, for better or or worse.

Originally Posted by TheFlamingCoco View Post
Good point. If anything, it seems like they are giving Goyer/Snyder MORE creative control (I still think WB pressured Goyer to write as much action as possible).

If Snyder's generally faithful mentality can "reign in" Goyer's "fan fiction" mentality at times, I'll be okay. On the other hand, this could be weighed down from the fact that Zack's a flawed writer, and Goyer tends to be as well.

Or the amount of risk will cause them to perform to their absolute best, creating a genre classic we didn't see coming. I'm hoping for that option.
Yeah, I'm hoping that the pressure they are facing will force them to explore every possibility to make this as great as possible. I'm not so optimistic though lol.

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