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Default Re: I Still Do Not See A Namor Movie Out There

Well I think there are different issues for lots of movies. The reality is, Hollywood has thousands of scripts going through it, with possible promises that they would be made, but most, even after the green light, never get made. This is the way Hollywood has always been, in some cases Marvel has been extremely lucky just to have these films made, no matter how horrible they are. If studios didn't see so much $$$ in the films, they would never have gone through with it. As far as Marvel controlled films are concerned, I think they care about how great the script is, and if it's not good enough, they will probably just pull the plug. Most Studios do this as well. Also, if there isn't a passionate director or producer behind it, it's hard to motivate Studios to make films they don't see as that great of potential. Also, the internet talks to all the "writers" and "directors" and "producers" who want to get the hype up, because if the hype is up, then studios will see the hype and make the film. So, sorry to say, we are all being used to give the impression that the film should be made, even if the script is horrible. You're dealing with hundreds of millions of dollars with these characters, and most of them probably can't handle their own film. They don't want to see another Elektra. Also, Marvel/Paramount is just focused on the film slate they are doing, and making those as good as possible, before moving on, with Disney of course, to make more. Fox wants more X-men, because it's the biggest franchise they own right now, and if they don't start improving on their movies, they will go bankrupt during this recession. Studios can pull the plug on a film at any time, and like I said before, many Marvel films are lucky that they go through with it. And while many Marvel Films haven't always been great, most are, and even the bad ones make lots of $$$, with a few exceptions. Characters that have been established in film and have released movies that make money, will be made period, because the studios know they make money, and because they have been one of the top movie genres of the 21st century, sense X-men came out. Again, if someone writes a script, and the studio may be interested... sometime they have no idea, they will get interviewed and BRAG and BRAG and BRAG about how great the film will be, even though the chances of it being made are very little. It's hard being a screenwriter for a living people, very very hard, you get very very desperate.

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