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Originally Posted by THANOSRULES View Post
Because the attempts to relaunch them sucked. NW has a near 100 issue run it was successful for years, same with the others..they can work if done right..they have not been done right. They have core cult followings..which are a great base for launches.

..but Marvel has a great system worked out, stick some profound title on a book, with the Avengers or X preface, let it debut for 80k sales and let it dwindle to 17k in 4 months then's probably a more sound approach than throwing out a NW or RR Nova book that if done right will debut at 50-60k and have stable sales in the 30k range for several years.
The fact that NW and Nova have failed 4 times each (or so...i've lost count) tells me there IS no way they can be "done right" these days. They're B list characters at best, who have run their course. I like them, don't get me wrong. I also like Red Wolf, and Sons of The Tiger, and a bunch of other B list characters, but none of them would last very long in today's market. Same as the other characters you originally mentioned, unfortunately.

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