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The dilemma is this would betray Marvel's editorial policy in regards to utilizing a "hot" brand. I believe the technical corporate term for it is, "Milk It Like A Crack Addict 'Till You Can't." Marvel has always done this with any of their brands that got hot, for decades, and it isn't changing now.

After all, once upon a time anything with Spider-Man's name on it sold like hotcakes, so at one point he had about 4 ongoing's plus spare one-shots and spin-off's (Punisher, Venom, Silver Sable, Morbius, even Nightwatch) and even in the late 90's NEW WARRIORS of all comics was considered a Spider-Man spin off because Scarlet Spider joined the team for a few issues. They milked it until it was dry and then had to climb back up.

The X-Men are a more drastic example. Even as recently as a few years ago Marvel looked for any excuse to slap X-MEN on the title of something. And the result? Milked it dry and then it needed more reboots and ultimately to be merged with something else. Even the X-Men spin off Wolverine got milked one ongoing too far at one point and he's never sold the same since. Deadpool got hot and instead of just maintain him, Marvel went all in like a gambler on acid 'shrooms and spammed out FIVE ongoing titles atop of guest shots and one-shots and mini's until everyone was tired of him. And thus, Marvel will repeat themselves with the Avengers. They will stretch that brand until it snaps and then wonder why.

In fairness, DC is little better with Batman. And they've quickly reached 3 JL titles.
DC has shown some editorial guts though...I mean Vodoo and Mr.Terrific Ongoings? Firm commitments to low sellers like Stormwatch, where they have a book that should and has worked(in the past), so instead of cancel they bring in some new talent to spice things up.

Yeah, DC will cancel a book here and there, but the threshold is a little more reasonable.

Let's remember that NOVA Vol . 4 was canceled selling in the Mid 20K range...bringing a guy like LOEB or WAID on to that book and picking up could have easily boosted it to a solid range.



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