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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters: Official Discussion - Part 7

Try emailing here:

There should be a mattel 800 number somewhere on the card you can call. I emailed regarding a defect and they provided a prepaid shipping slip for me to mail the figure back. And in return they gave me a voucher thats good for any mattel made products at select retailers. I know its a hassle but its better than nothing.

Originally Posted by SuperestHero View Post
Wonder if anyone can help me here. I purchased the 1966 Penguin from Amazon.
It was packaged in a 1966 Batman card back. The front bubble had the penguin name card and stated it was to have a Penguin trading card included.
Because it was a Batman card back it came with a Batman & Robin trading card.
As i open my figs to display them I know have an incomplete Penguin.
I have emailed Matty Collector but they have sent a response which makes no sense. I don't see the point of emailing Amazon as it isn't actually their mistake as it was Mattel who packaged it wrong.
As i am in Australia there is no easy way to contact Mattel in the states, even via email. Does anyone have a customer service email for them?

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