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Th Biggrin Re: The Natalie Portman/Jane Foster Thread

Originally Posted by 04nbod View Post
If spoilers are correct, there won't be that much time. It will be Jane, Thor and Loki together a lot. Loki could stir the pot but I hope this film is about solidifying Thor/Jane. They haven't really touched it yet. Their relationship currently is something we've never seen in the comics, when they first met, how they fell for each other. When we first see Jane, she and Thor (Donald) are already head over heels.

I'll never get the Thor/Sif love. Sif fans should want Thor far, far away.

Dirty boy
No, I just want to see Thor and Jane get married and happy...

Being married to Thor or Jane is not the worst thing.

Being married to Reed Richards is the worst thing.

Back to Thor...

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