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Default Re: The Official Trophies Thread!!! - Part 1

Originally Posted by Electro UK View Post

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time x2.

A fine game that really has no ambitions beyond that of its PS2 kin. The trophy list asks a little too much of you (opening the map in EVERY area is a drag), but the cross-play feature is realized better here than any game before it.
Wow, I'm actually working on this one right now as well. I just beat the story this morning and am going after all the collectibles now. I knew about the map thing and tried to do it during the story playthrough, but I kept forgetting to press Select until it was too late.

And I never played the original games when they were on the PS2, but I did rent the HD trilogy for a while and I don't really see any difference between them with this one. I got the Plat in the first one, but I got bored halfway into the second one so I never finished them up, but I think I might want to go back sometime in the near future.

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