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Default Re: Where does most of TDK's critisism come from?

No movie is flawless, so it's ridiculous to repeat that TDK has flaws over and over. Of course it's not perfect. Slightly over-rated, perhaps. One of the best summer blockbuster films in recent times? Absolutely. The people who say otherwise are bias for whatever personal reasons they have to be against TDK. I've found the majority of them just don't like the Batman character and believe it to be silly, so they dismiss anything done with it in seriousness. A great many of the "professional" critics often criticized it for just that. They felt the film needed to be silly, like the 60s Batman show. Others criticized TDK because of Nolan's style or direction (jealously?)...others were upset that Ledger was receiving accolades and awards "simply because he died". And others I've encountered, hate the new Batman films completely out of some loyalty to the original Burton films, and Jack's Joker. ? makes no sense to me...

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