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Default Re: Where does most of TDK's critisism come from?

Originally Posted by JAKĀ® View Post
The biggest problem with TDK is that Batman felt like a side character in his own movie. And not in the same way as Tim Burton's BATMAN. TDK was far more about Commissioner Gordon, Harvey Dent and The Joker. They made the movie.
I agree this is why it so easily molds into a "realistic" CBM batman is hardly in it when he does appear more at the end of the movie it reverts to more traditional CBM fare.

My big problem is there is no mythos with Nolans bat like in BTAS or Burtons movies in TDK he is simply a guy in a suit fighting crime there is no real drive for him to wear the suit then that, love or hate Keaton or BTAS but those Bruce's seemed far more psycologically bound to the batman it was an extension of their dark place rather then a tool for all Nolans supposed love he really tripped up on this aspect of the character.

im no big fan of BB but the end of the movie (gotham residents struck with fear as a giant batlike creature soars above them) and the parts where the crooks wonder in fear who he is where a great springboard to produce a real Dark Knight detective to rival the comics but TDK turned into a cop drama with the police trying to hunt down a terrorist.

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