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Default Re: The Man of Steel Merchandise Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Zorex View Post
If anyone's interested, Hot Topic has the MOS tee back in stock in some sizes. (They were sold out the last several times I checked.) They've got XL, XS, and SM in stock. Just grabbed an XL, hoping it fits all right. Looking forward to seeing how it looks in person.
I think I'll wait for the XXL size. I usually wear an L but Hot Topics sizes run so small that the large I got was the equivalent of a small.

Really impressed on how the Movie Masters Supes looks!

here are two (2) things that will astound you in this figure. First – The Head Sculpt. The minute I saw the promotional picture of this figure I was amazed but actually seeing it in person in the box, I said to myself “Bummer, the pictures were better than the actual figure” but after opening it and taking it out of the box; man, it’s head-on likeness to Henry Cavil was uncanny. Second – The Suit. As I mentioned earlier it’s based on the New 52 series of DC Comics but crafted for the big screen and I love it a lot. The lining on the suit makes it alien enough and although it’s not visible from a far, it compliments and adds depth to the plain blue suit and the figure captured that. Even the slight difference of color tone and metallic touch to the lining is great. This time Superman is presented not with a yellow background for the “S” Shield but gold, a darker tone of blue (darker than Dean Cain’s) and darker red (Maroon) almost like Brandon Routh’s Red, again no “S” Shield on the cape. The cape this time is significantly longer than previous incarnations.
FYI if you guys ordered from that eBay seller make sure you get your shipping and tracking confirmation. Some users on another board mentioned that after placing an order the ship date went from April to May.

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