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Default Re: Disagreeing With The Critics On Man Of Steel

Originally Posted by Tody View Post
The thing I hated most about Iron Man 3, was that they took the main villain (archenemy?), and made a mockery out of him and the movie's plot. Watching IM3 was no different to IM2.

I expected at least a bit of epicness as it's a main villain. The initial trailer was misleading as hell. I'm not sure why Marvel market their trailers as though their movies are deep and have substance and are dark and serious when we know full well the opposite is true. Just check out the initial trailer for Thor 2. But we all know they like to stick to just a good time, and lighthearted.

I enjoyed the humour of Iron Man 3, and some of the fight scenes were good (particularly all those IM suits), but the film had no substance. If I had to rate it on quality, it's average to decent at best. I just didn't walk away with anything from IM3. It may as well have just been "another Iron Man film" which was so painfully underwhelming for it featuring the main villain.

Sure he trashes his Iron suits in the end, but we all know with Avengers 2, he's going to be back. Probably kept one suit hidden or something.

Man of Steel for me had substance. There was a lot of back story, emotional depth, it was surprisingly and fantastically fresh for an origin story (I mentioned in my video that it in no way felt shackled or restricted). You can tell that Clark isn't yet complete, and with General Zod being the first villain and Kryptonians being on an even playing field to Superman, there's still the whole plot of Kryptonite open for the next movie, which most likely means the next villain, if it is Lex Luthor, may be the one to discover and weaponize it against Superman.

Basically what I'm saying is that we can talk about the plot and its elements. It actually sits with you after you leave the cinema. You think about it. You feel you want to go for a rewatch, as it will clear some things nagging at your mind up. That's substance. We can talk about what's to come. What hasn't been done. Analyse the themes. Reflect on the touching and memorable scenes, or just the awesome ones.

This is my personal opinion, but I just can't do that for Iron Man 2 and 3 or other Marvel movies.

That's not saying they're bad, but just not for me. Many people enjoy just going to the cinema, being entertained and that's the end of it. Many enjoy lighthearted movies, comedic value and so on. That's perfectly fine. But my tastes are just different. I can only enjoy so much popcorn entertainment, watch and forget kinda movies, especially when I feel most of the Marvel films are variations of the same thing, with Avengers being the best.

But the one true problem I do have, is when critics praise those movies so highly, but trash on something like Man of Steel, despite it packing substance and stellar action that blows away most of the competition. It's one of the strongest things the movie offers, and I've barely read praises of it. I've noticed that critics often don't like "humourless" movies, and maybe by that they don't mean funny ha-ha, but dull and serious.

Even Amazing Spider-Man, as mixed as the reception was, was a movie I really liked a lot. As I know the comics extremely well, see the inspiration, anlayse the themes and it's fun to work out which elements of Amazing and Ultimate are in place. But that movie was held down by its origin story, and I can't wait to see what the first full sequel does.

Man of Steel really is one of the best origin stories I've seen for a comic book hero, considering how fresh and free it feels. For me it's like Batman Begins level.
It's funny to see so many people bag on IM3. It honestly was my favorite IM movie. IM1 was good, IM2 was a watch and forget, but I was caught off guard by IM3 because I was expecting it to be IM 2.1 and it wasn't for me. I thought it was brilliant to have majority of the movie focused on Stark being IM w/o the suit and never once did I find myself asking how much longer till the end(like I did with IM2). But enough with IM

The first time I saw MOS, I was let down by so many things pace and mood(I actually was looking forward to it being a little darker than it was), but as the days went on, I kept finding myself thinking about scenes that I loved, so I went again. Every time I've gone to see it, I feel that it gets better and better. I just got back from either my 5th or 6th viewing and I can honestly say that considering the amount of material Goyer and Snyder put in this film, I don't think they could have done a better job with the editing.

I went in to the auditorium today fully expecting to be bored(considering I've seen the movie so many times) and once again I was glued to the screen. I definitely feel that SOME of the critical reviews were the honest opinions(others were definitely publicity stunts). I also feel that critics that were put off during their first viewing would look at their reviews with a side eye after viewing the movie for a second time.

As for some of the critiques of superman/clark not doing typical Sup/Clark things, I would say that I don't look at this movie as one about Superman, I look at it as one about Kal El and an event that forced him to come out of the closet as this alien amongst us. I feel that once the MOS franchise comes to a close, critics will look back on MOS just like they did with BB

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