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Default Re: Doomsday | Runaways | EP9

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
Wrap it up! I feel like most of the season is a long slow burn to the finale and eh. It lost my interest. Thank God, there's only one episode left.
Yea me too. This is getting unbearable. Can we PLEASE get some answers. Who is Jonah? what is the Church's purpose? what's the deal with Molly's parents? Can we actually confirm that the Yorkes are time travelers please!

Not sure if the hook ups between Gert/Chase and Karolina/Nico were earned either. Maybe I just haven't been paying attention, but they seemed to just pop out of no where.

I guess Gert and Chase were kinda flirting, but it seemed to be one way from Gert, and then Chase hooks up with Karolina, then Karolina hooks up with Nico. The relationships are switching up too fast. Might have been better if Nico/Karolina and Chase/Gert was left to season 2.

I'm ready for this season to end. There's enough potential for this show to grow and become better in later seasons, but so far I feel a bit let down.

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