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Default Re: Where does Iron Man 2 stand among other superhero sequels?

Originally Posted by HappyPalooza View Post
I just rewatched it again and its still pretty awesome. Most of the complaints just seem silly when you take another look at it. Here and there some stuff could've been patched, but I could say the exact same about the first (or any) movie. Still not quite as good as the first, but also still a solid helluva lotta fun.
It's a really, really good movie, a whole hell of a lot better than most comic book movies out there, it just isn't in that elite level like the first one.

And it all comes down to giving the villains the shaft.

Look at the great movies out there, Empire Strikes Back, Dark Knight, Spider-Man 2, they were great for many reasons, but also as important was because all had great and memorable villains.

Mickey Rourke could have easily been up there with them. He could've easily put a D-List villain up there with the greats. He could've done for Whiplash what Downey Jr. did for Iron Man and put an unknown character as an A-Lister.

But instead they decided having War Machine was just more important.

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