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Default Re: Speculation: Lineup for Avengers 2

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
they probably won't do ant man or wasp. or panther, not till after their solo movies. maybe a cameo though
Ant-man at least will probably have his movie before Avengers 2. Though from what I've heard so far it's not looking likely that Wasp (even as just Janet) will turn up in that, so I'm unsure in the possibility of her turning up elsewhere. Personally I'd like her to be left out until they're ready to have Ant-man at the same time.

Originally Posted by The Question View Post
She Hulk would be pretty easy to work into the plot.
I'm not so sure. I'd expect they'd have to explain her origin since she's not going to have a solo movie and I don't see them going for derivative heroes when they still have the heroes they're derived from on the team and there are better candidates.

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