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Default Re: what kind of movie will this be?

I think of ME as being more similar to TOS than anything else honestly. It really doesn't get into the specifics of how the fictional science works unless you read some of the data logs and focuses more on the adventure and story. It is indeed more like TNG than SW but I don't think focusing on the mechanics of an alien civilization necessarily disqualifies it from being largely space opera...tbh if you ignore some of the side conversations and missions in ME and just stick straight with the main storyline then it is more or less a straight up space opera.

Upon more thought I think GotG will be a bit of a hybrid between SW and ST while being its own thing. It will have a similar type of adventure-esque feel as SW but will include more of the team dynamics included in ST. And the tone will be a bit different from both while leaning more towards SW.

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