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Default Re: Nolan wasnt any more "faithful" then Tim Burton

Originally Posted by 747 View Post
Being faithful is overrated as long as it's good. I dig both Burton and Nolan's take.

now this I agree with. if the movie is awesome then, well, screw the comics. this is what I say about batman forever. I love the film, really its just one of my favorite movies to just put on and enjoy. it may be popular right now to hate on Schumacher but honestly I never had that compass because I don't consider myself one of "those" fans. I am a film fan first, always have, always will be. for me, Nolan got it the most right with batman begins. it may have been heavy with the realism but it still felt like a batman movie. perhaps it was just Nolan playing it safe with a blockbuster. after that, it was just Nolan doing what he does best, a lot of NYPD esque cop stories with so many twists and turns and self importance and overly complex storylines and so on. his movies lack the visual inventiveness of the other batfilms and is well kinda boring to watch. the big problem i have with chris nolans batman movies is that there is a distinct feeling of "ripoff" about his movies. think about this. where else have we seen a smaller vehicle pop out from the batmobile? where else have we seen batman gliding around the city among a large swarm of bats with terrified citizens screaming below? where else have we seen some guy say "what are you?" response after grabbing said guy "IM BATMAN"? where else have we seen the batmobile driving on rooftops? where else have we seen batman gunning down the joker as joker stands in the middle of the road egging batman on? where else have we seen joker have a fight with batman before falling to his doom? where else have we seen batman come to the aid of the damsel in distress from some villian and then has a long drive through gotham avoiding the cops while girl sits in the passengers seat terrified, and then brings her to his cave/lair/hideout where he proceeds to explain the details of the plot of the villian? where else have we seen the main villian try to gas the city? where else have we seen bruce wayne and selina kyle dancing together at a masquerade ball? where else have we seen batman have a fight with the villain in a sewer, with catwoman right there? gee, seems awfully familiar...maybe cuz nolan is just ripping parts from the other movies and calling it his own? PATHETIC. I guess its just a case of "better the first tme around". at least for me. tim burtons batman and BTAS got it the best.

also the response to the "batman doesn't wear puzzle piece armor" is a total copout, as that comic picture posted is from 2011, when the TDK suit was done in 2008 BEFORE that comic. so that doesn't mean anything, its just the comics stealing the movie idea of a puzzle piece armor looking suit. but 99% of the time, batman doesn't wear that.

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