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Default Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
The main things that made both TSSM and EMH good were their continuous plots that were built up over multiple episodes and climaxed at various points in the seasons. Loeb has stated on the record he's against those specific things and would prefer simply having one-shot episodes the entire way through. It doesn't help that the smart humor that both EMH and TSSM used, which also played a role in why they were so good, is completely antithetical to what has been shown in Ultimate Spider-Man and if that cellphone line from the trailer is any indication that won't be changing in Avengers Assemble.
First of all that is only your opinion.

Show me the actual quote where Loeb says he is against those specific things.

Your own bias shows because you are already condemning Avengers Assemble for Falcon making a joke about his cell phone when all your favorite shows you think are so superior had similar lines frequently.

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