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Default Re: Official rate & review IRON MAN 3 thread! - Part 3

Originally Posted by TheWallCrawler View Post
In Iron Man she pushed a button. In IM 2 she had Justin Hammer arrested. In IM3 she friggin fought a super villain with super powers. That is crossing the line way too much
I won't argue with you there.
I'm not a Pepper fan in any way, shape or form, either in the comics or in the movies, and I was vocally against the rumors about her suiting up in RESCUE armor in this movie. She didn't technically don any RESCUE armor after all, but they took it one step further in the wrong direction by giving her full-blown superpowers, if only temporarily.
I definitely don't like the fact that Pepper is the one who's pretty much cleaning up Tony's messes for him --- it steals Iron Man's thunder by not allowing him to deliver the coup de grace on his enemies. But I'm just saying Pepper defeating Killian isn't unprecedented in the movies --- she did his dirty work in IM1 and IM2, no reason to think she'd stop there.


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