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Default Re: Official rate & review IRON MAN 3 thread! - Part 3

Originally Posted by Marvel_SKE View Post
Its my first post to review IRON MAN 3 as i already watched it first time on 26 April when it premiere here... (total, i already watched it 3 times)

To be honest, at the first, I kinda dissapointed also in Mandarin....
although I'm not a big fan of Iron Man, both in comic and movie, but still, i went into theatre with the mindset that Mandarin that I saw in trailer, the one who said "Today is the first day of what's left of your life" is the villain....and to add, before i watch the movie, I've read Matt Fraction's Iron Man comic which includes Mandarin, So.. i'm so thrilled what kind of story and battle would be between Iron Man and Mandarin...

And the fact that the Mandarin in the story is a made up character that made by Aldrich Killain...really, I'm surprised there, and from the moment the Mandarin revealed to be a Trevor, it effected to the rest of the movie...The rest of the movie while the climax was awesome, but still, the thought of that shocking reveal still hangs in my mind.

Again, that just the first time experience...

By the time i decide to watch it again the 2nd time, I try to get rid of the mind set that Mandarin is on the movie, so, I go watch the second time with the mindset that Mandarin is not in the movie, and Ben Kingsley just played Trevor...and it turned out to be much better judgment when i set "no Mandarin in the movie"'s mindset.

And by the 3rd time i watched (this 3rdtime , in a dubbed version of Japanese language ) , it even better and the whole story finally made sense to me...

That said...If I may, for those who dislikes or hate Iron Man 3 because of Trevor's Mandarin (or who refuse to accept that Killian is The Mandarin like me ...despite of what other fans seems to accept that Killian is Mandarin), the key to enjoy Iron Man 3 is just get rid the mindset that Mandarin is in the movie, just think that It was just Trevor, and it was just Killian with extremis abillity...and believe me...It turnout well to have better judgement towards the movie (to me, at least).

Phase 2 starts with a GOOD WAY.
Next, I can't wait for Thor: The Dark World...

You're a good person Marvel_SKE. Lol at how hard you went to accept this movie. And it's good advice for those who want to force themselves to like it. I'd assume you're advice will be especially cogent to those who will add it to their Blu ray collection. Otherwise it was midnight and done forever with it, as was my case. Just passed by to see if the arguments had subsided but I see people are still busy trying to force others to accept non-sensical representations of characters who were never in the movie to begin with. Wise of you Marvel_SKE to realize that Mandarin is not in, will never be in,and in effect has never been in any cinematic motion picture. Hate how movie studios take "daring" leaps and make up things that make no sense. After all, if something is good and makes sense it doesn't need to be explained or justified correct? I thought so.

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