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Default Re: No iron man 3 for jon favreau

Originally Posted by Doc Samson View Post
Sayonara! You can face palm all you want, adding Fury to the whole palladium subplot could have been Favreau's way of trying to make him relevant to the movie beyond Marvel's Avengers agenda. And it still didn't really work.
Adding Fury in the subplot was hardly the problem. It didn't take away from the main plot or anyone else. No one lost screen time or action scenes because Fury showed up for a few brief seconds.

The real problem was the other subplot with Rhodey/War Machine which took away from Whiplash. There is just no defending that.

Originally Posted by Marvel View Post
Since Iron Man 2 was one of the top films of the summer and maybe the entire year, I'm glad most of us are ignoring some stuff in some of those articles. Favs staying in the Disney family and still producing Avengers means all this gossip is mostly without merit. Favs has devoted almost 5 years of his life to Iron Man and has to do so under every fanboy scrutiny possible. That doesn't even take in to effect the jealous haters of the world. If he's had enough, that's more then fine. He delivered two great films and moved on.

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