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Default Re: The Xbox One - Part 3

Originally Posted by 113 View Post
It was a big mistake for Microsoft to not lock up Bioware for exclusives (at least Mass Effect exclusives). While yes the 2nd half of the 360s lifespan was pretty poor in terms of exclusive games I don't think PS3s lineup is that spectacular either. Apart from the Uncharted games nothing really appealed to me.
I think the thing about Sony was that they were at least funding some AAA and indie experiences that pushed what video games could do. Whether you enjoyed titles like Journey, Last of Us, Heavy Rain is obviously subjective, but I was happy with how they tried to do more than "marines shoot stuff."

Originally Posted by 113 View Post
To me it actually sounds like Microsoft has heard people and is trying hard to have a lot of great exclusive games for the One. Just look at TitanFall, Quantum Break, The Crew, Ryse (whatever your initial impressions are I think it has a ton of potential).

I don't spend a ton of time gaming anymore, but I suspect I'll be spending a lot of time using my Xbox One, especially for BF4 and Titanfall.
If TitanFall and The Crew were only Xbox One, I would be mad conflicted about my purchase, but with those getting PC and PS4 ports respectively, Quantum Break is the only one that looks interesting to me at least- I will agree that Microsoft isnt funding a typical marine shooter right there, so perhaps they are hearing the people in terms of exclusives. Ryse has potential with Crytek being behind it, so hopefully that turns out better than the QTE-fest we saw at E3.

But like ultimately, it just depends on your personal preferences. If Master Chief and Marcus tickle your fancy more than Kratos and Nathan Drake, then let the good times roll! Should be a great generation.

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