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Default Re: Post iconic/memorable scenes you would like to see adapted for Batman vs. Superma

Originally Posted by Gu3ree View Post
I don't know what Superman means by "you're the best"
See second page: "Through sheer determined will, you've made yourself the best you can be." It's extension of this line. More so, by the "best" he was referring to Bruce's achievement of becoming peak human in many areas, but by "I need you to be better" he meant that he wanted him to be better than that obsessive darkness he always carries within him.

Originally Posted by Gu3ree View Post
and what I also don't understand is why suddenly Batman prefers to be called 'Bruce', whereas in most incarnations of Batman, Bruce seems to have always seen himself as Batman in a lind of arrogant way.
I believe it was mostly a ticked off response to Clarks insistence to be called Kal-El. You've got to read those issues to get full grasp behind that, though.
And also, don't forget that Bruce and Clark are friends and have always called one another on first name basis, so it's actually Superman who is out of character here (which was deliberate in this arc) when he calls Bruce "Batman" and Bruce responds to that.

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