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Default Re: TIH vs. Ang Lee's Hulk

Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
Not even close. Not with the vast, near unrecognizable changes to Ross' character, and the fact that his changed origin actually continues to matter in the rest of the story.
It actually has been a few years since I've seen TIH, only a few months since I last saw Ang's. I tend to forget about General Ross altogether concerning TIH. Nothing against William Hurt, more to do with the changes they made to the character like you say, I'm assuming to fill a role in the story L.L. (No way i can remember how to spell his name) was going for.

I guess I should have said I like to erase (MINOR) bits of TIH to make it a quasisequel in my own eyes.

The only real drastic change I can recall to the origin was Betty getting injured by Banner/Hulk.

Originally Posted by Radioactive1980 View Post
Give me a break.

Apart from it being pretty underwhelming- hulk smashes a couple of tanks and choppers big deal, he does not even seem to have Hulk's true strength level. Instead he is under-powered. You can clearly see Hulk struggling to lift the cannon section of a tank above his head and when the other tank blasts him he falls over.

Compare that to the actual greatest ever action scene of a comic film- Avengers Manhattan battle Hulk kills a chitauri worm with one punch. Much more like it.
Well when you put it like that...

After Avengers of course the Hulk scene is less impressive, but I think it's a far under rated these days.

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