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Default Re: Multiple Man movie with James Franco announced!

Fox doing team movies isn't settling for less. If you do the math, a separate film for New Mutants, X-Force and X-Factor that could lead to a trilogy is a lot. And they still have Deadpool solos in the way. The mind set that they need to release more solos because Marvel does it is the same mind set of Sony doing a Morbious/Black & Silver/Venom solo movies when those characters should just be featured in Spider-Man movies and there's also a bunch of Batman villain solo films in the works that just seem so random. Other than the major fans here, I doubt anyone is really asking for a Gambit/Madrox film nor they were featured before in a film and were received so well that they need to branch off in a solo film like the Wolverine. Nope!

Also, you are only gonna oversaturate the CBF industry by doing these random solo films leading for the public to really cheery pick what they wanna see instead of seeing every each one of them. One day, these DC/Marvel films won't feel special anymore especially if it becomes quantity over quality. So I really hope the rights go to marvel and cancel these solo films like Remy, Laura and Jamie.

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