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Default Re: Multiple Man movie with James Franco announced!

Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post
It’s not quite the same as Marvel owns GoTG. The movie was done in part so they could merchandise off the franchise in the form of the cartoon, video games, toys and the comics, which the team got a big push in. Marvel already had a ton of solo series so GoTG served as a 2nd team outing when the only alternative was the Avengers. Fox is in a completely different space than Marvel

If Fox follows the format of the Madrox series as the plot line, would you be happy if they called its X-factor? It’s really just a name and I feel the title is less important than the premise
If its a film featuring X-Factor and its titled as X-Factor I would be happy. If it's just Madrox and just a prelude to X-Factor, I wouldn't. Anyway IMO, a Multiple Man origin film or solo isn't needed. Its almost like releasing a solo movie for the sake of it, because Marvel has done it a lot in the past and its because solo movies are cheaper to produce than team movies based on Fox's track record in cb films.

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