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Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
I wouldn't be so quick to follow Bruce Timm's style of creating a DC Universe when it comes to the live action film; namely because Bruce Timm has always placed Batman above Superman in almost every scenario; where Batman ends up saving the day more times than Superman and vice versa. I mean I never really got the feeling that they liked Superman or thought of him as a authentic hero since he's mainly portrayed as just being a alien who doesn't really uses his brains and always gets outsmarted by the villains while Batman doesn't and while the almighty Batman isn't subjected to becoming a tyrant, Superman apparently is in their version.

Plus, they really depowered Superman greatly as well.
This. Personally I would combine ideas from Justice League:Year One, New 52 JL origin(I know I'm going to get some hate for that one but it read better all together and felt more like a movie or cartoon script at times), JL cartoon and some of Brad Meltzer's JL run(particularly the flashbacks to the JL's thoughts after the first team up) among other JL comics.

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