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Default Re: The Official Bane Costume Thread - Part 4

this thread has been great motivation. i have to admit that right now i want to work on my mask more to show you guys my progress than to get the mask done, haha.
such positive feedback, it's great. also the reference photos.. using you guys as a sounding board... and helping others...i think it's awesome that i can help a few people get components for their costume that might otherwise have been not quite as good. (not trying to toot my own horn)
i'm also glad that i can share my knowledge of leather, i teach this stuff every day but working in a store there are certain guidelines i have to follow... here i can tell people all the tricks i have discovered in the years i have been leathercrafting.
it is both very cool and also kind of a shame that we're all so spread out. so far i've only seen one other person mention going to NYCC and i have to admit i am going to be a little bummed out when all the banes i see there are just random dudes with horrible rubies masks and iparty vests instead of the first class costumers that we've got here (and second class, let's be honest. half of my costume is a disgrace!)

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