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Default Re: Frigga's and Loki's tricks

Originally Posted by Chance Jackson View Post
It could very well work like the biotic or midiclorean/force systems but what I'm wondering about is whether or not their is an official MCU explanation for whatever system allows both Aesir and Frost Giants to use the same tricks and is it the same system Odin used on baby Loki?

Are the infinity stones tied into it? Loki says he could accomplish alot with the Aether...
Well, we can assume that Aesir, Vanir and Jotun all are basically belong to one species and they are just different races that share most characteristics and can interbreed, with Jotun being perhaps the oldest, "proto species" among them. They all seems to share longevity, affinity with "source"(again they utilize it differently - Jotun use it to direct elemental control while Aesir and Vanir use it more sophisticated way - Frigga`s and Loki tricks- ironically Thor himself utilize it in basic, elemental control, way) and extreme durability-so perhaps Loki was just born looking like more "advanced" race of the species (small and with hair) -it rare but can happen.

So I do not think it linked with infinity stones and Loki give the Aether to Collector so I doubt he will use it.

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